over 20 years experience in Cumberland County.

Here you are a person not a case number.  We will spend some time with you and review your current status as well as inform you of any adjustments that may be available to you. 

Immigration is a hot topic in the news and the application of the rules seems to change every day. Do not be afraid to call the office and set up your consultation. Doing nothing could be worse than finding out exactly where you stand. 

We concentrate on family based immigration. If you are wishing to become a citizen, get a green card, or simply don't know your current status, come and see us. We can make the immigration process less intimidating. Doing nothing usually has dire consequences.

We do have a $100 consult fee. This will be applied to your case should you retain our services. If you do not, the $100 entitles you to our time and our knowledge during your consultation.

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